2002 BMW Electric Sunroof Conversion Kit

2002 BMW Electric Sunroof Conversion Kit

We made a post back on October 29th 2014 saying this:

“Coming soon, our 2002 BMW Electric Sunroof Conversion Kit. As many of you already know, only a handful of 2002’s have had electric sunroofs. But Why? It’s not that difficult. We’ve been researching it and have decided to offer our 2002 BMW Electric Sunroof Conversion Kit.

We will offer an electric motor, mounting bracket, drive housing, switch and wiring with our 2002 BMW Electric Sunroof Conversion Kit. Our kit will fit all 2002’s that came from the factory with sunroofs and will fit the factory mounting hardware (already built-in), that you may not be aware of.

Those of you who have interest, you should email us to get on the order list, as this list will get long, quickly. We are manufacturing all parts ourselves, to factory specs, at reduced pricing.

Go to our contact page and send us an email to get on the order list or to ask questions, today!

Because we have received several inquires, we decided to create this updated page. The auto engineers we have contracted with are reviewing the parts we have sent them and will be quoting us costs soon. Once we are in agreement, we will have our first 2002 BMW Electric Sunroof Conversion Kit produced and shipped to us for testing (which may be before July is out). Then if there are no quality control issues, we will order our first production run for worldwide shipment.

For anyone interested in purchasing our kit, (now) would be a good time to get in contact by email. The more kits we order, the lower our cost and yours will be. Look at the photo below. These are original parts:

2002 BMW Electric Sunroof parts

We will not be manufacturing the original style motor. We will be using a motor that looks similar to a power window motor, who’s design has already been proven in other European car’s sunroofs since the eighties.

Our kit will contain:

[fac_icon icon=”check-square” color=”#008c9b” font_size=”20px”] 1 – High Torque 12v Motor
[fac_icon icon=”check-square” color=”#008c9b” font_size=”20px”] 1 – Gear Drive Assembly
[fac_icon icon=”check-square” color=”#008c9b” font_size=”20px”] 1 – Flex Gear Drive Cable
[fac_icon icon=”check-square” color=”#008c9b” font_size=”20px”] 1 – Motor/Mounting Bracket
[fac_icon icon=”check-square” color=”#008c9b” font_size=”20px”] 1 – Electric Rocker Switch

Also wiring, connectors and some type of trim piece for the original crank handle. All of our parts are being carefully selected to provide complete compatibility and to avoid future obsolescence.

The install will require users to remove their manual crank handle, windshield, pull back the headliner, bolt in the parts drill a small hole the the roof area’s sheet metal to attach a ground wire, run the power wire (possibly to # 4 fuse) for the factory electric sunroof, connect the switch wires, bolt in the drive assembly, mount the switch and Voilà, power sunroof!

As mentioned above, (now) would be a good time to get in contact by email and be put on our kits list! You can use the form on the right sidebar.