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2002 BMW Electric Window Conversion Kit

2002 BMW Electric Window Conversion Kit

Not since the days of the 12 “Diana’s” has there been anything from BMW with electric windows for a 2002. 2002 BMW electric window conversion kit The Diana not only had electric windows, but also an electric sunroof.

As many of you know, there have been many 2002 BMW electric window conversions done using various parts by shops and individuals, but no kits.

And manufacturers have no interest in producing one because BMW only produced 861,940 2002 BMW’s from 1967 – 1976. That doesn’t include Ti’s, Tii’s, Turbos, 1500’s, 1600’s, etc. Yet that’s not too exciting to electric window conversion kit manufacturers.

We have the interest, because we feel that out of over 860,000 2002’s produced, that a market exists which warrants someone to fill that void. Our 2002 BMW electric window conversion kit WILL be available this summer and is in development now.

electric window conversion kit

We are engineering our kit, taking into consideration – ease of install, function, price, reliability and future parts availability.

Our kit will contain:

[fac_icon icon=”check-square-o” color=”#008c9b” font_size=”25px”] 2 – Power Window Regulators w/high-torque 12v motors
[fac_icon icon=”check-square-o” color=”#008c9b” font_size=”25px”] 2 – Rubber Wiring Boots
[fac_icon icon=”check-square-o” color=”#008c9b” font_size=”25px”] 3 – Electric Window Switches (lighted)
[fac_icon icon=”check-square-o” color=”#008c9b” font_size=”25px”] 1 – Wiring Harness w/Relay & Connectors
[fac_icon icon=”check-square-o” color=”#008c9b” font_size=”25px”] 1 – Instruction Sheet

Pricing is $379.95 per kit. Please check back for availability. See our 2002 BMW Parts page. Send us an email to get on our email list for kit updates by visiting our contact page or use the form in the sidebar.