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BMW 2002 Kits Update

We thought it was time to give you an update on our kits progress. Our 2002 BMW HID Headlight Conversion kit version 2 is back in stock! 2002 BMW HID Conversion Kit version 2

The next kit to ship will be our 2002 BMW Power Window Conversion kit and we are hoping for a late September 2018 ship date.

electric window regulators

The problem with our 2002 BMW Power Window Conversion kit has been the engineers. So we’ve fired those engineers and have contracted with someone else who is committed to its completion and production. Hang in there a little longer. We had no idea when this process started that it would take so long to get the results we are looking for. Live and learn right?

Our 2002 Rear Disc Brake Conversion kit has also had delays trying to source two parts, but one of them has just been resolved and the other will probably take another month. Which means, our 2002 Rear Disc Brake Conversion kit should also be ready for shipping by the end of May. About time!2002 BMW Rear Disc Brakes

The sad news is, our 2002 BMW Electric Sunroof Conversion kit has been put on hold temporarily to keep our focus on our ability to get the other conversion kits ready for sale. In our opinion (please email us if you disagree), many 2002 owners aren’t as willing to do the required install as compared to the other three kits.


By required install we mean, popping out the windshield, peeling back the headliner, mounting the motor bracket and drive assembly, running the wires, installing the switch and then putting it all back together. We just feel our market is larger for the other three kits, so that’s where our time and money is going right now. That’s all of our BMW 2002 kits update for now.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to get on our list for kit updates, please email us from our contact page or use the kits update form in the right sidebar.

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