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We sell specialty parts for DIY 2002 owners that prefer high-quality parts for their 2002’s.

2002 BMWThis site is being developed by a 2002 owner who has owned one 1600, five 2002’s and currently owns a highly-modified 1974 2002.
The vision of this site is to become a resource for specialty 2002 parts and a showcase for 2002’s and useful information.



2002 celebrating 50 years!

We have contracted with various manufacturers to produce specialty parts for us. The parts include a:

2002 BMW HID Headlight Conversion Kit  * Fits other cars, see pdf.
2002 BMW Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit
2002 BMW Electric Window Conversion Kit

Looking for a BMW HID conversion kit for your 2002? We sell the best one available online! You won’t find a higher quality 2002 BMW HID conversion kit.

Our HID headlight conversion kits are out of stock currently. Please send an email to get on our list.


Our rear disc conversion kit has just two parts holding it up until it ships. We’ve decided to shelf our electric sunroof kit due to lack of interest. And finally, our electric window conversion kit is almost complete. Get on our list to receive updates!

Our intent is and will always be to (get it right), before we offer anything for sale that we put our name on. We want satisfied customers, who enjoy our products and rate them highly. So we’re not rushing anything to market, just to make a sale.

There’s a lot of coding and testing going on here, as well as product development and testing. As we continue, we thought you might like to see an ad from 1975.




Customer testimonials:

“I have installed the headlight kit for my customer and he is pleased with it. Our 1972 2002 BMW required us to cut the headlight bucket slightly in order to fit the headlights. They are very bright and we received many compliments at the Hemmings Concours d’Elegance show in Saratoga Springs, NY  on Saturday the 26th of September 2015 where we brought the car for its debut.

I’ve attached a few photos of the headlights installed.

Brett” AutoMotion – AutoMotionClassics.com

Bi-Xenon HID kit in 2002 BMW

Another customer:

“Finally got around to installing the headlights the other week. Night and day difference, no pun intended.”

Kevin L.

Buy our kit for your ride, send us a pic of our HIDs installed and lit, and we’ll feature your car!
As we continue to develop this site and our product line, contact us with your questions or comments.

To order our 2002 BMW Bi-Xenon HID headlight conversion kit,  please go over to our sister site, HIDupgrades here > CLICK HERE!