Power Windows Kit

2002 BMW Power Windows Kit2002 BMW Power Windows

How many times have you said or thought, “wouldn’t it be great to have power windows in my 2002?” We feel you. Only a handful of 2002’s have aftermarket power windows. And most of them are crap, I know because I had some.

I’ve contacted five different suppliers of power window kits trying to convince them that they should make a kit for a 2002. All of them took a pass… Gee guys, I guess that means I’ll have to do it myself.

My first attempt was to send a brand new 2002 regulator to China to see what I could get done. Guess what they did? They mounted the motor on the wrong side so it couldn’t be mounted to the door…

Sometimes that’s what a language difference gets you… I’m not slamming the Chinese. Because I know that there are some Chinese companies that can produce a quality product at a very reasonable price. I just didn’t happen to get introduced to one.

I’ve been through six different regulator configurations off and on over the past few years. And I finally believe I’m very close. My kit is not ready yet, because the kit parts – the motors, plugs, relays, wiring, switches, etc. are the easy part, I’ve nailed that. It’s the regulator that’s kicking my butt…

I’m getting there and I hope to have a working prototype by the end of summer. Anyone who’s interested should use the contact form to get on the list. I believe the kit price will be around $360. I’ll send updates to all who get on the list. That’s the latest update on today’s date 6.20.23.