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Redux Racing’s ITB’s

Redux Racing
Who’s interested in Individual Throttle Bodies for their 2002? Or other BMW, Porsche, or GM engine? Recently I uninstalled my 1984 318i intake and 325 throttle body from my stage 2 rebuild. Then I started researching ITB’s. I looked at Jenvey’s, OBX, and I considered the Top End Performance setup, but I finally decided on Redux Racing’s ITB’s.
Why? For a few reasons… Because of the dedication to quality they speak of, they look really cool, the carbon fiber air filter housing, and the price is right! They are priced at $1699.00 plus, you should spend the extra 65 bucks and get the Air Flow Balancing tool.
As soon as I pay for my new wheels, tires and a couple of other items, I’m ordering mine. I’ll update this post with a video when I install mine!
You can visit the guys at Redux Racing by clicking below.

Redux Racing M10 ITB's